Sunday, May 28, 2006

More on Jefferson

In reviewing media reaction to the whle Jefferson fiasco, I am amazed to find that no one - literally, not a single person (that I could find in reputable media outlets) - is actually defending Jefferson, Pelosi, and Hastert in their temper tantrum about the "overreach" of the Justice Department. Here is a partial sample of what I've found:

1) WSJ - Professor Robert Turner, University of Virginia Law School

2) Chicago Tribune - Steve Chapman, columnist

"Northwestern University law professor Ronald Allen, in line with the consensus among legal experts, says the idea that the raid violated the Constitution is 'absurd.' "

3) Chicago Tribune - Editorial

4) National Review - from the Editor

5) NYTimes - Editorial (5/24). Editorial (5/26).

On 5/24, the Times simply conceded that Congressional objections were out of place:

Fuming lawmakers claim that the Constitution's Speech and Debate Clause — which protects a lawmaker from politically motivated criminal harassment in the course of official business — should extend to making Mr. Jefferson's office inviolable. This would be a stretch, considering the range of criminal activity theoretically possible in Congressional offices and the government's obligation to pursue and prosecute.

But of course, by 5/26, the Times realized that they aren't really supposed to wholeheartedly bless any action taken by the (Bush) Executive Branch. So they proceeded to lecture Congress about their muted reaction to all of the Constitutional abuses that the Bush administration has committed over the years. Yet, the Times admits that, in this instance, "The constitutional claims made by the Congressional leadership on the Jefferson case seem overblown."

6) Washington Post - Editorial 5/25.

7) Washington Post - Republican Senator David Vitter, from Louisiana, of all places, had it right on 5/26: "I think this outcry from congressional leaders just looks self-serving and defensive to the American people...[the arguments made by Hastert and others] are ridiculous on their face."

It's basically unanimous: Hastert and Boehner (hehe, Boehner) are just stupid.


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