Thursday, July 13, 2006

How stupid can a politician be?

It would take a lot to top this, it seems to me. Fresh off the horrible tunnel collapse in Boston that killed a local woman headed to Logan Airport, Massachusetts Turnpike Chairman Matthew Amorello was still insisting on Wednesday, “these tunnels are safe.”

"Safe" for whom, people who stay home? A woman is already dead, you nitwit.

He added, "we will get to the bottom of what happened." Well, if you don't know what happened, isn't it just possible, maybe, possibly, that the FREAKING TUNNELS AREN'T SAFE?

Shocking, really, to find out:

Inspectors on Thursday quadrupled to 240(!!) the number of possible ceiling bolt problems in a Big Dig tunnel where a woman was crushed by falling concrete... inspectors found 68 suspect bolt assemblies over the westbound lanes of a connector tunnel providing the main route to Logan Airport. Forty-five more were discovered in a lane carrying carpool traffic, as well as 69 in ramps connecting two interstate highways.

Yeah, real safe.

Amorello, just resign. You're a poor excuse for a human, and no one wants to look at you or hear from you again.


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