Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Grammar Fun (by request)

yip, it's true. someone actually requested more posts on grammar. what can i say? this is a service-oriented business. so here we go.

1) yet another flawed comparison in the NYT :
But unlike Europe, McDonald's revival in the United States came in recent months partly because of the enormous success of the Dollar Menu, where all items, like double cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches, cost $1.

Hmm. So what's causing Europe's revival in the United States? Or is it the Europe revival in the US? Why can't these writers freaking get it right?! And while we're discussing this sentence, what the heck is the "where" doing there? Is "the Dollar Menu" a small French village known for discount eateries?

2) Ok, this one isn't the fault of the Times. The paper is just quoting Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski talking about the arrest for DUI of former Duke basketball player JJ Redick. But it's still amusing.
"J. J. knows he made a mistake and regrets it," Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said in a statement. "As his friend and his coach, he has my total support."

Ok, Redick is talented, but how is he his own friend and coach? And what's the connection between Redick being his own friend/coach and the support of Krzyzewski?

Aright, once I'm doing this, I might as well go all out. Here are a couple of signs that have made me laugh:

a) On the entrance to the Young Israel of Sunny Isles in Florida:
"Please close door when exiting." Ouch.

b) Surgeon General's Warning:
"Pregnant women should not drink alcohol because of the risk of birth defects."
Ok. So why should pregnant women drink alcohol?

c) Sign in UPENN Library:
"15 minutes before closing, an alarm will sound, and the lights will temporarily go out. Wait until the lights come back on and leave the building."

Sad to say, but I've been in the library quite a few times at closing; and I have witnessed the lights go out and come back on. I am still (eagerly) waiting to see the lights leave the building. Maybe this will be the year (fingers crossed).


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