Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eyes on Lieberman, Kingmaker

Well, looks like I probably blew my modest political prediction that Republicans would retain control of the Senate. So what better time to make another?

Assuming the Democrats do hold on to an ostensible 51-49 Senate advantage, it is just a matter of time before Republicans come a-knocking to the door of re-elected incumbent Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, it bears recalling, was spurned by his own Democratic party in favor of shrill, faux-leftist zillionaire Ned Lamont - whom Lieberman soundly thumped running as an independent.

Lieberman has given every indication that he intends to be counted as a Democrat in the Senate balance, but as soon as the Republicans recover from their election-night shock, they'll wake up to the fact that Lieberman represents their best shot, however slim, at eking out control of the Senate.

Lieberman, in other words, has - in electoral terms - hit the jackpot. Republicans, soon to be followed by Democrats, will be falling all over themselves offering him whichever committee chairmanship strikes his fancy. Not bad for the man the Netroots thought they had defeated in early August.


Blogger Danny the Manny said...

It's because he's Jewish and they assume he's money-hungry. Antisemites.

9:25 AM  

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