Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On the Agenda...

yeah, i haven't posted in a while. lot of reasons. latest is that my laptop is broken. freaking lenovo; take an american company and run it into the ground. get the damn parts you fucking communists. ok whatever. but i haven't entirely abandoned this site and here's what i have on the agenda once my computer situation improves:

1) pictures from my trip to new orleans.

2) an analysis of how orwell's "1984" applies as well to islamic fundamentalism as it did to ideology of the old ussr.

3) various photos (probly some stunt doubles); including some relating to the story of how I almost became a murder witness in nassau county.

4) update on the domestic disputes i am currently involved in (do not [yet?] involve hitting people)

probly some other stuff too. but it'll take a while.


Blogger Danny the Manny said...

Welcome back, Mr. Kot-TAH!

9:12 AM  

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