Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm still kinda wondering about the lyrics to the Pussycat Dolls song, "Buttons." The relevant portion goes something like this:
I'm a make you loosen up my buttons babe
Loosen up my buttons babe
Why don't you loosen up my buttons babe
Loosen up my buttons babe

I don't know, I always had the idea - well, since kindergarten, I guess - that clothing buttons exist in one of two states, buttoned or unbuttoned. I'm not really sure how one would go about loosening a button. And actually, the only loose buttons you hear of are those that need to be fastened more securely to the garment they are attached to. Could this song actually represent a plea to the local dry cleaner? I guess that would explain the urgency. Or perhaps buttons in the hip-hop community have unusual properties? Unclear.

Gotta run. My shoelaces came unzipped.


Blogger Danny the Manny said...

Similarly, you have to wonder if it was Nelly Furtado or Timbaland who wrote the Pulitzer-esque lyrics:

"I'm a big girl I can handle myself;
But if I get lonely I’ma need your help;
Pay attention to me I don't talk for my health."

What's wrong with her health? Does she have a cold? Perhaps he should offer to get her a blanket and some Advil.

Or maybe she's actually warning him that if he "hits it" he'll be stricken with a veneral disease. What should follow then is this:

"If you get close to me;
You'll contract my STD;
dead by 33;
'stead hittin' on Jessica Tandy."

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